If you are not displaying your company logo on employee hats, shirts, bags, and other items you are missing a tremendous opportunity to expose your brand to thousands of people at an extremely low cost. Decorated corporate apparel has one of the lowest costs per impression than any other advertising medium, and the number of impressions a single item can make in a year is impressive, to say the least. A single employee or customer shirt with your logo will make 2,167 impressions. A jacket or other outerwear will make over 2,200 impressions. Thinking about adding bags like totes or backpacks and computer bags? They will make almost 6,000 impressions per year. Now add up the impressions if you have one hundred shirts or one hundred bags. That is pretty impressive. According to industry research, the cost per impression of corporate apparel and accessories is $0.005. Compare that to the radio at $0.058, or newspaper at $0.029, and you have a pretty good branding investment.

Asking employees to wear distinctive apparel with the company logo can go a long way in establishing an impression in the mind of the consumer. Uniforms identify workers as individuals who are associated with a company and its products, and they help to brand the company by distinguishing it from the competition. Consistency in employee appearance can create a positive impression on the customer and contribute to protecting the corporate image.

Corporate apparel improves employee morale and productivity. Multiple studies have proven this effect both in the classroom and the workplace. People are more productive when they’re wearing a uniform. Researchers still debate the exact causes of this psychological effect on human behavior, but they all agree on the outcome: employees work more efficiently wearing custom corporate apparel.

Finally, when everyone in the workplace is wearing the same custom embroidered workwear, it promotes a strong sense of team cohesion. When custom company shirts are branded with a name or logo, teams take more pride in the work that they do. Plus, by increasing teamwork and a sense of camaraderie, group productivity will increase as well. If a manager or shift leader wears a different color or type of shirt than the other employees, it confers a visible air of authority to him or her.