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How to Buy

Placing an order with StitchMine can be as simple as picking up the phone! Our goal is to make the buying process simple and painless. We are available 9 AM -5 PM during weekdays and can be reached at 847-290-2285 for all your ordering needs!

If you are in the Chicago Area, we welcome you to visit our showroom! StitchMine’s facilities are located right outside of Chicago(Glenview)! You can touch and feel the items to sample them or just to give you some ideas of the different types of products.

If your busy schedule does not allow a showroom visit but you are within the Chicago area, we can bring StitchMine right to you! We will schedule for one of our representatives come to you, bearing all the samples you’re interested in!

At StitchMine we have incredibly dedicated and enthusiastic employees who know about the very best in embroidery and screen printing. If you are wondering where to start, you can contact us! Here are some items to consider beforehand, regarding the right choice of apparel for your company and your brand:


Some questions to consider when looking for decorated apparel:

  • What are the qualities in the product that matter to you? Are durability and long-lasting important qualities? Is color fastness or shrinkage important qualities? We have seen promotional quality shirts that have only lasted 6 months in a working environment. This is fine, as some promotions are temporary in nature, and not acceptable as other promotions last years and the quality needs to hold up!


  • Do you require a wide range of sizes to fulfill? Extra small to quadruple extra large? Do you need tall sizes? We have items available in a wide range of sizes. Whether you require a range or need large quantities of the same item, we can fulfill your needs.


  • Do you need men’s and women’s styles? Do these styles need to be the same, or can they differ? We offer products that come in both men’s and women’s styles, which can be similar or can also have different collars, different lengths, etc.


  • Do you already have a logo to represent your brand? Do you need a logo designed for you? If you have a logo already, and the accurateness of your logo is important to you, you’ve come to the right place. At StitchMine, our dedicated artists are experts in translating your logo with the utmost quality in design. We use the best digitizing, supreme thread quality, and the highest quality backing. Our artists are also available to help you design a logo/brand if you need one!


We will start with some simple questions to steer you in the right direction for fabric, cut and specific apparel item. We will then digitize your logo and do a sample stitch-out for your approval. Once you have the logo digitized you can simply place subsequent orders.

Need more information? Give us a call today!


Contact us today with questions.

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