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When done right, there is great power in marketing through branded merchandise! Branded merchandise has the power to establish a brand motto or logo in history, create a feeling, and live on for years to come in the minds and hearts of people who see your brand. Unlike perishable media like TV or radio, a brand printed on a physical item like a t-shirt, hat, uniform or lab coat can create employee loyalty, increase visibility, generate sales and attract talent to grow your company. A brand is an important asset to have and the right one can create an environment of teamwork and efficiency and attract loyal customers and new fans. At StitchMine, we pride ourselves in our thoughtful and enthusiastic approach to delivering exactly what you and your business are looking for in branded merchandise!

StitchMine has proudly brought logos to life for over a decade! We are here for all your needs with corporate branded merchandise and branded or logoed business items! We offer branded corporate uniform & workwear, custom branded embroidery & branded personalized merchandise as well. StitchMine has a wide range of apparel and accessories in stock & can offer fantastic discounts on selected lines for your branded apparel needs.

StitchMine offers several name brands in apparel, accessories and corporate gifts for embroidery, including American Apparel, Bayside (both Made in America). You can browse through the general public catalogs and contact us for availability and pricing on these items.

At StitchMine we are proud to stand behind each method of branded merchandise, whether it be by embroidery, screen printing, tackle/twill, applique and more. We offer products that are thoroughly tested and approved by our enthusiastic team of embroidery and screen printing artists and experts. Your projects to promote your brand are as important to us as they are to you and our standards for branded merchandise are so high that we ensure your order will come out great!

zip up workwear

In many industries, it’s a must for employees to dress their best to make a positive impression on customers and visitors. StitchMine can help make that happen with custom embroidered workwear and work uniforms for a range of industries.

StitchMine Workwear

Every industry can benefit from StitchMine embroidered workwear and work uniforms. Mechanics, property managers, corporate CEOs, hotel staff, restaurant servers, and delivery drivers are just some of the many hardworking individuals who can sport gear that showcases your company’s name, motto, or logo.

Ordering Personalized Embroidery for Your Brand

When you’re planning on ordering custom work shirts or accessories for your brand, it’s important to send high-quality artwork and prepared digital files for the best results. Vector files are preferred because they typically produce high-quality embroidery, but raster files are also acceptable if they are at a minimum of 150 dpi. Letters need to be 0.25 inches or larger. These specifications, along with some other suggestions, allow us to ensure the embroidered results come out crisp and legible.

Don’t worry if you’re unsure how to navigate the ordering process. We’ve been in the business for more than a decade, so we can easily walk you through the steps and answer any questions.

Durable, High-Quality Apparel

StitchMine prides itself on selling durable, high-quality apparel in a wide variety of sizes and styles that our customers and their employees want to wear. Some brands we carry include Cutter & Buck,Brooks Brothers, Nike, Columbia, and The North Face.

Once you find a product of interest, use our convenient virtual sample feature to see how your logo and/or text will look before you place an order. You can even adjust the size and positioning of your custom design.

Contact StitchMine for Custom Embroidered Workwear and Work Uniforms

Call StitchMine or request a quote if you’re ready to offer your team the custom embroidered uniforms they’ll love wearing. We use only the best materials and embroider in-house, and there’s no minimum purchase required. We look forward to hearing from you!