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Just like there is a variety of stores to shop for clothing there is a variety of quality levels for the promotional or corporate apparel you may choose. Think in terms of the type of retail.

You can purchase a light blue dress shirt at Wal-Mart, Target, Kmart, Macy’s, Brooks Brothers or Nordstrom. Each retail outlet will offer the blue shirt but that is where the similarity ends. The Wal-Mart or Kmart shirts may meet your basic needs but the cut may be a little short or the seams not quite even or straight. The Target shirt may be a bit better but still you may see some variations in the cut, seams and sometimes the color. When you get to the Nordstrom and Brooks Brothers shirts you expect the quality to be higher. The cut will be fuller, the seams stitched straight and even and the durability designed to last.

At StitchMine Custom Embroidery, we will direct you to the appropriate garment to fit you needs.

When looking for a polo shirt for your organization you need to narrow down your choice based on what it will be used for, the fabric type, the style and finally the color.

The use will determine the quality level and sometimes the fabric type. If this is a work shirt that will be used by food service professionals you want a shirt that is very durable, washes well with little or no fading or shrinking and is a full enough cut to avoid creeping up when bending.

You also want to consider the fabric. In a warm environment you want a lighter weight fabric or maybe a wicking performance fabric. In a cooler outdoor environment you may want a heaver cotton or cotton blend or you may even consider a long sleeve version.

Don’t forget if you have both male and female employees. Men and women are built differently so the cut of their clothing needs to be different. Most women are not happy when forced to wear a men’s cut shirt. This is something to keep in mind when choosing your employees apparel. At StitchMine we carry a complete selection of styles that come in both Men’s and Women’s cuts.

When you call us at StitchMine we will work to match just the right product to meet your specific needs. This means offering you the absolute best value.

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How to Find the Best Shirt Fabric for Your Needs

Fabric Choice

Deciding on a design for your custom apparel is hard enough, but it’s also important to consider what kind of material you’re going to design on. If you want to create sports uniforms, you’ll likely need a different material than if you’re designing business wear.


Best for

Maintenance Tips


  • A natural, softer feel with high breathability

  • Light and cool for all-day comfort

  • Easy to clean and care for

  • Hypoallergenic- doesn’t cause allergies or skin irritation

  • More prone to shrinkage and wrinkles over time if not properly maintained

  • Warmer climates

  • Lower impact and casual activities

  • Uniforms and business wear

  • Easy, casual, and trendy wear indoors and outdoors

  • Sensitive skin

  • Iron with steam on high heat to get rid of wrinkles fast.

  • Prevent shrinkage by washing your cotton garments in cold water on a delicate cycle. Use low heat in the dryer or air dry.

  • Do not dry for too long as excessive heat can damage fabrics.

  • Listen to your mother and separate darks and lights to avoid color bleeding.


  • Strong, durable, and long-lasting

  • Easily keeps its shape so it’s more resistant to shrinking, stretching, wrinkles, and tears

  • Moisture wicking

  • Keeps body warm in cooler climates

  • May not be the best for some sensitive skin

  • Hot weather

  • Cold environments

  • High stress activities

  • Recreational outdoor fun

  • Moisture management

  • Heavy usage

  • Polyester shouldn’t need much ironing, but if it does, use low heat.

  • For best results when washing, use warm water or permanent press setting.

  • Dry on low heat or air dry.

  • Most polyester garments are dry clean safe, but check the label if you are unsure.

50/50 Polyester Cotton Blend

  • Versatile and durable

  • Maintains shape and colors longer

  • Softer and lighter feel

  • Less susceptible to excessive shrinking, pilling, wrinkles, and static

  • Not as breathable as 100% cotton

  • Low to medium impact activities

  • Jersey or sporty look

  • Polos and athletic wear

  • Casual settings

  • Heavy usage

  • Use low heat if you need to iron this wrinkle-resistant polyester blend fabric

  • Wash in warm water and dry in low to medium heat for long-lasting results.

  • Water-soluble stains will be easy to clean, but oil stains might be tougher to get out.

Now, what’s important to note is that the quality and the price of an item are not always related. Some types of items are easier to manufacture and get right than others, which is why it is totally possible to find certain well-made items at affordable prices. At the same time, just because an item is very pricey, that sadly does not always mean that the manufacturer used all of that extra money to up the quality of the garment. How can you make sure you are buying quality? Our tip is to always look at the item in the flesh, i.e. not online. You might be able to decide whether you like an item visually just by seeing images, but to really assess its quality you need to be able to inspect it up close, to feel it, check the seams and try it on.

So the next time you run into the dilemma of which material to choose for your shirt, you’ll be armed with all the facts needed to make the right decision. If you’re looking to save money and want a soft tee, then cotton is the way to go. If you plan on wearing your shirt a lot (and will wash it a lot), then opt for the slightly more expensive 50/50 blend. And if you want the most lightweight, most durable fabric with moisture wicking properties, then polyester is the material for you.