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Choosing Your Embroidery

Not all embroidery is the same. That’s right. There is good embroidery, bad embroidery and mediocre embroidery. When you are using embroidery to represent your company, team or organization, we at StitchMine strongly believe you want it to look the best and last the longest. You may not be able to recognize poor embroidery by itself but when it is compared side by side to a StitchMine design you will notice the difference. This is what all of our clients discover once we deliver our first project.

It is the little things that matter when choosing your embroidery decorating partner. StitchMine pays very close attention to the details that create quality embroidery. We produce the highest quality digitizing, don’t skimp on thread quality and we will match the best backing to suit your needs and comfort. After all it’s your company image, don’t you want to present it in the highest quality possible?

Do they do their own embroidery or farm it out? Many promotional products companies send their embroidery out to various companies forfeiting quality control. StitchMine does all our own embroidery on our own machines.

Was the design digitized correctly?
It all starts with quality digitizing. When StitchMine digitizes your logo or corporate image we take into consideration the fabric it will be embroidered on and the environment in which it will be used. Once the logo is digitized we will stitch it out and make numerous corrections to be sure your design looks the best it can look.

When you change fabrics such as polo shirts to button down oxfords or jackets, it is imperative that the design be adjusted so it shows the best on that specific fabric. A pique knit polo shirt requires a completely different digitizing adjustment than a pima cotton dress shirt.

Does your design pucker or become misshapen after washing?
This is caused by a multiple issue that all relate to paying attention to detail. Mismatching backing, too much thread pull in digitizing and improper thread tension are all issues that can cause a design to pucker. You will never see this problem with a StitchMine Design.

Do they test every design to ensure it looks best on the specific material?

Not all material is the same. A design embroidered on a pique sport shirts requires a different design element than one on a fleece or cotton oxford. At StitchMine we stitch out every design on a fabric sample similar to your fabric. We then make any necessary adjustments to ensure that your design looks the best it can be.

Do they match the backing to meet the needs of the design and your comfort?
Take a look at that Navy, Black or other dark colored shirt that has been embroidered with your logo and chances are that there is white backing behind it. This is one of the many features of you’ll see when you use StitchMine. We believe you should see the embroidery and not the backing.

At StitchMine we use a variety of backings and choose the specific one that will make your design look best. Light on light color and dark on dark colors and if you are concerned about comfort, ask us about our “soft-touch” backing for maximum comfort.

Does every product look good?
This may sound rhetorical but there are some embroidery houses that will bury their mistakes in your order at the bottom of the box. At StitchMine we have stringent quality control. If the design does not meet our standards it will not go in the box.

Will you get your products on time?
This is the most common complaint among customers of other decorating companies. At StitchMine we do not miss deadlines plain and simple.

What type of thread will they use?
Not all thread is the same. Some cheaper threads will not hold up to repeated washings and especially dry cleaning. Many high volume embroidery shops will use the cheaper Nylon thread instead of a premium rayon thread. At StitchMine we only use premium Madeira Rayon thread on all projects. We also will match the specific thread weight to match the needs of your logo.

Will my shirts fit? Do they shrink? How is the cut?

Buying embroidered apparel should not be a guessing game. At StitchMine we rigorously test every garment we sell. We can tell you how it will fit, how it will wear and how it will wash.

Do they guarantee their work?
At StitchMine we guarantee all of our work. If it doesn’t meet your approval we’ll redo it for free.

These are just a few of the reasons why StitchMine has developed a long list of loyal clients who recognize how important it is to have their company image look good. When you decide to use embroidery you want to put your best foot forward and show off. Don’t take a chance and settle for anything less than perfect. Just remember, the worst time to discover you chose the wrong embroidery company is when you open the box.

Choose StitchMine for your next project. We guarantee you will be happy.
Our Attention to Detail Makes You Look Better.

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