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It’s true what they say: “Knowledge is Power.” And when you’re faced with the challenges of dressing your team for success, a little knowledge can go a long way from knowing what’s popular and why… to what terms mean when you see them on a label or in a catalog… even to fun tidbits of information people find interesting. All this can simplify your decision making, streamline your process, and show your team you’ve done your research. And that will build their confidence in you, boost pride in their work, and virtually guarantee a more productive, powerful performance in the office and on the field.

Here, we’ve provided you with some of that knowledge… peruse it, have fun with it, use it in whatever way you can to put the power to work for you.

  • Corporate Casual Statistics

    Corporate Casual Statistics


    Casual Fridays and Dress Down Days

    In order to compete in the employment marketplace, employers in the 90s searched for creative options to attract new employees and retain present ones.

    So, what happened?

    Wearables shot to the #1 category in Promotional Products, up 3 points from 24% to 27% in one year.

    Why did this happen?

    • 90% of all US companies have casual day of some kind
    • 1/3 of all companies allow casual clothing every day
    • More the 40% of all companies have expanded their casual dress options in the last three years

    Casualwear Businesswear Human Resources Survey

    • 87% – improves morale
    • 81% – perceived by employees as a benefit
    • 51% – employees save money because of casual dress
    • 47% – improves productivity

    Given the chance, 96% of employees take advantage of dressing casual.

    What employees said

    • 81% – improves morale
    • 57% – I’m judged now more on my performance than appearance
    • 57% – better camaraderie with managers and co-workers
    • 51% – do best work when casually dressed
    • 43% – boss is more approachable

    46% reported that if they were offered two equal positions, the employer who offered casual days every day would get preference.

  • Corporate Casual Levels

    Corporate Casual Levels

    tips_next2_minThe 4 basic classifications of Corporate Casual at work today are:

    Boardroom Casual
    Apparel that’s different than the traditional business suit, but still appropriate for the boardroom. Blazers, oxfords, vests, ties, and scarves are the operative words here.

    Business Casual

    Professional dressing that’s perfectly suited to attend a meeting, conduct a seminar or to meet a client. Banded collar shirts, oxfords, denims, vests, sweaters and turtlenecks are your main menu here.

    Relaxed Casual

    Office-appropriate attire that’s professional enough to face customers, but comfortable enough to sit in front of the computer. Golf shirts reign supreme in this area, as well as denims, chambray shirts, fashion fleece, sweaters and turtlenecks.

    Dress Down Casual

    Casual apparel for a labor-intensive day such as cleaning out files or organizing your area. Tees, sweats and denim are your directions on this one.

  • The Benefit of Seasonal Gift Giving

    The Benefit of Seasonal Gift Giving

    tips_next3_minWhen holiday time rolls around, showing appreciation to clients and the people on your team can prove to be a smart move for encouraging more business and productivity in the office. Give gifts of golf shirts, wovens, tees, fleece, or caps tastefully decorated with your logo, and you can increase the benefits to corporate identity programs.cap

    Consider these opinions of small business owners when asked about holiday gift giving:

    • Over 75% feel it helps improve their business
    • Over 55% believe it leads to increased sales
    • Over 70% consider it an important part of their marketing effort
    • Over 85% believe it improves employee morale

  • Golf Statistics

    Golf Statistics

    tips_next4_minStill not sure if golf shirts are right for your team? As the game itself continues to skyrocket, so does the popularity and acceptability of golf shirts as a staple of corporate casual dress codes. And, with the numbers of people playing golf today, the odds are in your favor that the majority of your team will -at the very least- be wearing your golf shirt on the green.


    Just consider these stats about golfers:

    • 21.5 million men
    • 5.1 million women
    • With 2.1 million, juniors (aged 12-17) represent the fastest-growing group
    • With 7 million, the 30-39 year age group is the largest percentage at 26.4%
    • 1 in every 4 golfers is a senior (2.7 million aged 65+)
    • 43% hold Professional/Management/Administrative occupations

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