What is the difference between a great embroidery vendor and a less-than-great one?  You may pay less for low-quality embroidery, but you will pay dearly in terms of quality.

Lower quality or poorly maintained embroidery machines are typically pushed to the limits of production and will produce sloppy embroidery, but even more important is the skill level of the embroidery team.  Digitizing artwork for embroidery is a unique and challenging skill set, even for a talented graphic artist or prepress operator, and the process of operating the embroidery machine is certainly not an automated process.

Every step of the process of producing great embroidery involves a careful process of decisions, from stitch count and density to thread choice and backing material.  Lower quality shops are able to offer lower prices because of their ‘set it and forget it’ mentality which can result in lower quality, sloppy embroidery, or embroidery which may look fine out of the box, but quickly deteriorate due to washing or normal wear and tear.

How can you be sure that you are getting embroidery produced by a high-quality shop that takes the time to treat your job with the care and skill that it deserves?  Check out our whitepaper on how to choose an embroidery vendor, and contact StitchMine Custom Embroidery with any and all of your professional embroidery needs.

StitchMine provides direct custom embroidery on name brand apparel. Custom embroidered logo apparel including shirts, hats, jackets, bags, t-shirts, sweatshirts for use as uniforms, corporate apparel, bags, and business shirts.

Whether you’re looking for day-to-day uniforms, event apparel, tradeshow attire, or all three, we have you covered. We carry a variety of styles – polos, dress shirts, jackets, sweaters, and more – that look professional in any business situation. Easily customize your selection with your company colors and logo using our feature-rich online designer; this is also a great way to build and showcase your brand. And you will see that the quality of StitchMine Embroidery is unparalleled in quality and detail.

We offer several stunning decoration choices. These include embroidery, screen-printing, dye-sublimation, glitter, or foil which delivers an unparalleled look and will certainly have your company standing out from the competition. If you’re looking to make a smart investment this year, creating custom business apparel with StitchMine is it.

We’ve been successfully providing custom apparel to businesses for over 12 years, and have seen first-hand what the right look can do for a company. If you’re looking for a level of professionalism that shows off your brand in the highest quality and professionalism, we are the company for you.